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The angled front panel includes a tiny, two-line monochrome display for navigating the printer's menus and changing settings.

If there is a confirmed print quality issue, only 1 set of opened products will be accepted for credit returns, and only if less than 30% of the ink or toner has been used.

Generally, charts and other graphical material looked good, although some very thin lines that were in color in the original Excel file were hard to distinguish against gray or black backgrounds.

In printing a Power Point file in the default grayscale mode, one slide—which in the file shows a gradient ranging from dark red to light red and back to dark—printed as a nearly undifferentiated black, while a second slide's background—which also showed a gradient, which It's not uncommon for mono lasers to drop out backgrounds (many seem to be set by default for grayscale), and in many cases this may be an improvement over having hard-to-read text against a muddied background, which is how the slide looked when I switched to Color mode (although, of course, output was still in black-and-white).

One other driver quirk to note: In the settings menus on the printer's display is an item called Printer Languages, from which you can switch between PCL Emulation and Post Script Emulation. To switch to PCL or Post Script, you need to change the driver you're using from within the Print dialog box in Windows or in the application you're printing from. That said, take this with this modifier: "Average text quality" for a laser translates to being good enough for virtually any general business use except for those requiring very small fonts.

Graphics quality is slightly below par for a mono laser.

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mode and print the backgrounds, but you can always switch between color modes (Color and Grayscale), which I suggest you do if you buy the B2338dw, to see which is better for slide printing.

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