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You can view it here: My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Guide Vintage Jewelry Marks Resource: You can search for “vintage jewelry marks” for information about the jewelry marks used by various jewelry companies.One site I like to use is Illusions Jewels’ “Researching Costume Jewelry” pages.Vintage costume jewelry usually doesn’t have purity marks, but will often have a maker’s mark (commonly called the signature), and can sometimes have a retailer mark and/or patent or inventory marks.Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series.The photo below shows the various signatures you’ll find on Trifari vintage jewelry.Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Resource: I’ve published a brief guide with photos that discusses various signagures for Trifari vintage jewelry.Trifari always signed its jewelry and was very diligent about protecting its designs.

Vintage jewelry from other countries may have European purity marks, such as “585” for 14K gold and “750” for 18K gold, as shown in the photo below.Because it’s not possible to have a comprehensive discussion of how to identify and date vintage jewelry in a single article, this article is the first in a series, and will specifically address vintage jewelry marks.Future articles in this series will discuss how to date patented jewelry and jewelry without signatures and/or hallmarks.Maybe you’ve just acquired some vintage jewelry from a family member or friend.Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or at the thrift shop.

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NOTE: This is the final article in my four-part series on how to identify and date vintage jewelry.

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