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Stan Stillson, the Boy Scout leader became a mentor. They became great friends and built ham radios together.

Offshoots of Prune Music continue in Berkeley to this day with Subway Guitars, Sam Cohen (aka Fat Dog) and Guitar Resurrection in Austin, TX with former Martha's Laundry guitarist, Jim Lehman (aka Lizard Slim) They were partners until 1975.

Randall Smith was born into a musical family in Berkeley, California in 1946.

His mother and sister played piano and his father was the first-chair clarinet with the Oakland Symphony Orchestra, played tenor sax, had a radio show and led a hotel dance band.

Smith believes all of his early musical experiences taught him how to hear tone.

As a young Boy Scout, Smith was interested in earning a merit badge in woodcarving.

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Their store never generated a huge profit, but it became best alternative music store in the hippie scene.