Dating no proposal

Posted by / 17-Feb-2021 17:08

From the sound of it he doesn't want to be married which leads me to believe that you either need to find satisfaction in the way things are now or come to terms with the possibility of your relationship ending.It's 2018, plenty of couples don't get married now a days.

We always had a long running joke that if he didn't propose before our tenth anniversary I would propose to him.

A responsible couple talks these sort of BIG life decisions out long before a proposal happens.

And in your mind that might "kill" the romance or your dream idea of how you'd be proposed to but this is reality girlfriend and it's better to be a responsible adult then a once upon a time princess.

And I can't ask him to propose ( even if he wanted to, I'd always feel like I forced him to).

Is there anyone out there in the same position or any guys who have waited this long to propose and can tell me your reasons?

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Tell him that you want to be married, and what the timeline looks like for you, and ask him what it looks like for him. You don’t have to rush to get married, wait it out and tell him you’re okay with a long engagement (if you are).

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