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They deserve the com- munity's praise for their sacrifice and efforts. Many decisions to be made, friendly arguments and disagreements, deadlines to meet, assignments to complete.

As Chair- man my main job was to schedule the meetings, stay out of the way, and let the staff continue their efforts. It would have to be a pay as you go process, which had a big blank in the middle until the finished product could be received; ready to be sold. Eight people served: Karen Whitworth, the Pahsimeroi Connection; Bob Loucks, Lemhi County Agent; our Vice Chairman and Computer Coordinator, Marilyn Alford; our Family History Chairperson, Shirley Parmenter; Lemhi County native, teacher, and ranch wife, Janice Neal; Lemhi County native and former English teacher, Phyllis Ca- ples; Salmon City Librarian, Ramona Combs- Stauffer; longtime resident, Doris Brown; and Chairman, Mag- istrate Judge Fred Snook. Two main decisions: Should we have a Pioneer sec- tion for those people born before 1890 or a straight alphabetical arrangement?

We rely on a number of partners to help us provide public transportation services in Salmon.

We would like to thank them for their ongoing support: Dear Friends, Public transportation enables seniors to remain independent in their homes; individuals with disabilities a way to get to work, school, and medical appointments; and low income families a reliable means to get to the grocery store or employment.

Lemhi Ride provides curb to curb transportation services for the general public in the Salmon area.

Ramona Combs-Stauffer, Marilyn Alford, and Ann Loucks, assisted by many others, worked day after day in physically laying out the entire three volumes; page by page. Double checking all photos for correct captions and matching them to the right story, on the right page.

My other job was to coordinate as many feature stories as space would allow. We ap- preciate the seven hundred prepublication orders that were paid for in advance to partially finance the pro- ject. The majority vote was for straight alphabetical listing. The Com- mittee sincerely feels that the price of the three vol- ume set is extremely low for a book of this quality.

So certain of success were we, that only one per- son was called upon to sign the ,000 guarantee to the publishing company. Issue two: Should there be a specific dedication to a group of real persons rep- resenting our 185 years of recorded history, or a non- controversial, generic dedication? Comparable publications sell for 0 to 0, so our published price is another tribute to everyone volun- teering their efforts.

Again magic struck when Tower Creek resident, Marilyn Alford became inter- ested and joined the party.

Shirley and Marilyn made quite a team and truly have worked full time at this project for more than a year.

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Financial support is needed to keep the transportation options available to people in the community who need it. “The test of our progress is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” – Franklin D.