Dating playfo

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Dating playfo

Lastly, there is a very well known directive play therapy technique is Playdough Smash.

This can be done with simply a ball of playdough, or the child can make a monster or person out of it first.

When it is open-ended play, I simply let the child create whatever they wish. and I find that while they have something to with in their hands talking and sharing difficult things can be easier. I have found children love to create pretend food, build structures, create creatures, and use the accessories … One way I use playdough in a directive way is as an assessment tool.

and that they have pride in what they can make on their own. I have the client create themselves out of playdough.

Playdough is a substance that they can control and make into what THEY WISH (and SO many children clients have little to no control over what is happening or happened in their young lives! Other times the playdough is a part of the imaginary play, like in this photo where a winter scene was created … It’s a variation of a Draw-a-Person assessment technique … I think about how it would feel to be that person …

Playdough is the perfect resource in play therapy because it can be created into anything that is needed in the play! does that person look capable, friendly, happy, open to the world?

The therapist simply has the child SMASH the playdough with their fist!

Using playdough in child-centered/non-directive play therapy means that every child that enters the play room has access and the choice to play with playdough during the session.

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