Dating restaurants in new york

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The simple decor enhances the restaurant as it overlooks the Hudson River.

The wide range of specialty dishes on the menu is presented by an award-winning staff which helped the restaurant earn the prestigious Restaurants & Institutions Ivy Award.

Get bar seats and order pasta along with some excellent, well-priced wine.

L’Artusi has been the ultimate Infatuation date night spot for some time now.

If your dinner goes well, there are plenty of spots for a nearby drink afterwards.It’s a simple little spot in the bottom of an apartment building in the West Village, and there are only about eight tables (plus a bar).Seeing as there isn’t much room, it can be tough to get a reservation - but if you want your date to experience a 26-layer lasagna and you don’t feel like making it yourself, this is the spot. Ops is perfect for when you want to eat pizza in a setting that’s significantly more romantic than a living room or slice shop. It’s a tiny spot near the Williamsburg Bridge, and we’ve been having date nights here since the M train was brown.

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