Dating roles reversed wedding crashers dating speech

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Dating roles reversed

A masculine man is born with the desire of making the woman he cares for happy, and if he feels unsuccessful at doing that he goes crazy.If he does not know what your needs are then tell him, he cannot read your mind so make sure he understands what makes you feel loved.Of course we as women always give clues and test our men, we do not want to tell them straight forward because we believe they should be able to feel us and know what to do.But ladies, unless you are both getting help from a coach in figuring out the dynamics between masculine and feminine ways of communication, he will not know and only feel helpless in changing things.95% of men and women in relatiosnhips are well intentioned towards their partner but feel confused, misunderstood and angry with their partner for not meeting their needs or for their communication style.

As a society we are surrounded with misguiding love quotes and don’t know how to build intimacy anymore.

Passion means polarity and attraction towards your partner’s energy and that energy needs to be the opposite of your own energy.

When you are outside of your core you are wearing a mask that it’s making you feel miserable and you don’t even know what is happening or what you should do.

Aggressive women see the feminine ones as weak, but in reality they are denying their own nature.

The soft woman is peaceful and beautiful, nurtures, laughs a lot and flows freely with who she is at her core.

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