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Dating romance tip

-- After a few dates, slowly introduce your partner to the people who are important in your life. Be wary of someone who wants to cut you off from your friends or family. It's not flowers, silk sheets, or expensive proposals with the entire Disney cast in attendance.

The real romantic idea is one that comes from noticing and appreciating your partner.

Not everyone enjoys balloon rides, slasher movies, or art classes.

-- Board games can teach you a lot about how your date views competition, winning, and losing.

Sexual relationships can be harmful physically and emotionally if you're too young to make good decisions.

Young teens may like the idea of dating, but if a boyfriend or girlfriend becomes the focus of your life, you may be missing out on the chance to know other people and grow up socially. If you're working every weekend and going to school full-time, when are you going to see your date?

Those things can be nice, but only if they are given with a real understanding of your partner's tastes and desires.

Take a picture and place it in this AH-dorable printable envelope with the printable card!

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-- A good way to get to know someone is to accomplish something together -- climbing a mountain, baking cookies, doing volunteer work, helping put on an event.

-- Don't try to surprise your date until you know his or her tastes.

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-- Are words of love accompanied by real listening and consideration for your needs? -- Does this person blame others for all his or her troubles? No matter how much you may want a partner in your life, there are times when being single is the best choice.

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