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Russian women, however, really begin to outshine their counterparts in other countries once you factor in their iron spirit and mentality.

When it comes to sheer beauty, I honestly cannot say that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world.

After traveling and living in the Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) for over a year, I’ve been able to determine whether a particular woman is Russian or Baltic with almost pin-point accuracy.

The overwhelming distinction is in her subtle body language and not merely in the physical appearance.

That’s completely false; the two have little in common.)That’s because you must learn the very first rule about the amazing but complicated creature called a Russian woman: she’s the greatest chameleon in the world and has an uncanny ability to adapt and blend into pretty much any environment.

The reason for her super adaptability is the unique—and unforgiving—environment in which she has grown up.

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Russian women are known the world over as some of the most sexiest, most feminine and most amazing women.

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