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(Unpublished) (2011) A short and partial history of museum and gallery access provision for blind and partially-sighted audiences.In: Visual Impairment Training Day, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 2011, Edinburgh, UK.

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In: Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference, 6th - 8th September 2011, Keele University.

In: Enslavement: Colonial Appropriations, Apparitions, Remembrances. In: 3rd Internacional Congress of [email protected], [email protected]: Culturas e Identidades’, 2011, University of Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain.

(Unpublished) (2011) Ion mobility mass spectrometry for extracting spectra of N-glycans directly from incubation mixtures following glycan release: application to glycans from engineered glycoforms of intact, folded HIV gp120.

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(2011) Eruption chemistry and ignimbrite deposition recorded by accretionary lapilli within pyroclastic density current deposits, Isle of Syke, NW Scotland.

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