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Dating services for handicapped new yorkers

Several weeks ago, the Governor issued a new model plan on which counties can base their efforts to combat domestic violence.

Here in Westchester, the past year has seen a variety of new initiatives undertaken to stem the alarming tide of assault.

'' or, for that matter, '' Are you dating? Hersh, who is president of Hersh Stevens Associates, an executive search firm specializing in computer and high-technology positions, has noticed another peculiar code, not as personal but nevertheless irritating.

This code is so strange that it's not a sentence, and not even a word, but simply a sound.

Domestic violence offenses and homicides have not followed the same downward trend, according to a report from the Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities released last fall by Gov. In 75 percent of the homicide cases, the victim had ended the relationship or told her abuser she intended to end it shortly before she was murdered.

The report observed that while domestic violence can occur in all intimate relationships, crime statistics show that it is overwhelmingly a problem of violence perpetrated by men against women.

The sound, she said, is difficult to describe, and difficult to emulate if you aren't a yuppie.'' It's like 'ah ha' with sort of a going-up inflection in the voice,'' she reported.

'' It's a yuppie way of saying goodbye, of ending a conversation.'' The codes are two of the more esoteric irritants in Ms. Like everyone, she has her own list of annoyances that sometimes take on inordinate importance simply because they're so small and pesky.

Those who work with victims of domestic violence say arrests would be easier to make if families were defined to include couples who live together, same-sex couples and dating couples.To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.IF there's one thing Janet Hersh hates it's friends who ask '' What's new? Hersh and a number of other single women know the code. '' really means '' Who are you dating?IT is the details that bring home the reality of domestic violence.For instance, asked how many beds will be available at a shelter for battered women that opened in Mamaroneck last week, Charlotte Watson, director, said simply, '' Fourteen beds -- 18, if you count the cribs.'' Not only does the image of the tiniest shelter resident put a human face on the problem but another feature of the new home is also significant: the shelter is the first in the county to be accessible to the disabled, a fact with special relevance to those who might stay there.'' There hasn't been a shelter for a woman who was physically impaired to the point where she had to rely on crutches or a wheelchair, and many women are being abused to the point that they are disabled,'' Ms. While New Yorkers may take comfort in knowing that violent crime has decreased steadily in the state since 1991, those who work with victims of domestic violence know there is little reason to celebrate. In 70 percent of the murder cases reviewed by the commission, which was headed by District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, the offender had a history of physical abuse of the victim.

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Both programs are available for women outside as well as inside the shelters.