Dating site eastern europe Free cyberchat room

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Dating site eastern europe

“One of the great features with is the ease of registration,” Stefan told us.“You can be signed up in three minutes and communicating with other members in five minutes.provides a safe space to meet a real person and build a lasting relationship using live chat and translation tools.

American-born Peter Rinaldi said the connection was instantaneous and undeniable.

The site’s international membership is definitely part of its draw.

About 80% of the female members on come from Russia or the Ukraine, while a vast majority of male members are from Western Europe and the US.

Founder Stefan Hendrick told us he built the site because he realized, due to his own dating experiences, that there was a need for a legitimate Eastern European dating site — one not packed with young beauty queens and false hopes.

“has a huge database of women from all backgrounds and of all ages,” Stefan said.

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