Dating site for kids under 13

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Dating site for kids under 13

we are not allowed to post specific websites anyways sorry.About all internet communities has a teen (13 years) age restricion, and dating sites are 18. if you want something series try 21 or above, if you want just call him your boyfriend any time from the day you started to talk to anywhere.Anyone is allowed to have a Social Networking Account, it doesn't matter.You have to be at least 13 to be allowed to share personal data on the internet.

Dating sites in the US may not include minors under the age of 18.Online dating is not considered safe for 13-year-olds, so nobody has made a site for it. Any site that allows an 11 year old to provide personal information is breaking US law.Dating sites in the US may not include minors under the age of 18. Hey as you are under 18, you should should avoid it as much as you can . If you still want to visit you can go there on An free online dating website providing services like online dating tringuladating. There are US federal and state laws concerning minors on the internet, and collecting information from those under the age of 13 is illegal.Dating is not an activity for those who are still essentially children.Your 11 you are an inocent child dont get involved in dating sites some wierdo could be pretending to be a child sweetheart i would just leave the dating sites until ur older Not legally.

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You don't, any user under the age of 13 is barred from creating an account.