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Please keep your GPS open and use our app as normal, we believe it will function well soon.Besides, we are always working hard to provide good services to people who choose us, but we know there’s still a long way to go, we would keep improving our services and hope to bring you a better experience in the near future.

After everything was said and done the only compensation offered was 100 coins (which honestly was so stupid because I was paying for a premium subscription—what did I need coins for?) What should have been offered was two additional months for free.Plus, throughout all of this, never once did they acknowledge the actual problem, only that they would “look into it.” I took off four stars for the glitchy app, and the terrible and unprofessional customer support.It is a picture of me in a modest polka dot top that buttons up to my throat, black pants, and heals. I am not posing but simply standing in my every day stance.I have a big toothy smile on my face so it's not even that stupid pouty mouth that everyone does because they think it somehow makes them look sexy.

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They charge you close to $150 for 6 months, and if you don't find someone or just don't like the app, gone! Sad how they are using religion to cash in money from good people, stay away, better use the other free apps and deal with more work than getting scammed like this financially. This could be a great site if there were any management that would care enough to review new members. I joined Christian Mingle in early January and have gotten mostly fake profile "smiles" that were removed, and from people hundreds of miles away from me. I also had a conversation with what turned out to be a hacked profile. I still am stuck with this lousy service for a month now at a cost of $50. You won't be in business very long without any real subscribers.

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