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The two met at a national MS event, discovered a mutual fascination with fantasy football and Bruce Springsteen music, and fell in love. If your date stumbles after having one drink, it probably has nothing to do with being a lightweight drinker.

You can’t catch MS from your date, and his or her intermittent itching is not because of infectious bugs or rashes. Don’t be alarmed if you’re asked to shoot the person you’re dating. Stay active, stay in shape, and stay committed to an appropriate exercise routine.Few things make a person with MS more upset than when somebody steps in and essentially prevents them from completing a task on their own.Don’t let MS be the focus of your relationship and conversations.Not that you need the early bird dinner discounts, but be open to starting your night earlier in the evening. Check before booking a trip to ride the roller coaster, Scrambler, and Tilt-a-Whirl.People who have MS-related vertigo are already spinning on their own.

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Don’t read into it when your date asks to sit closer to the fire door because it will make it easier to walk out on you.

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  2. One friend brought up a message where a man had told her that because she was a ‘woman of size’, she ‘must suck good ****’. Others in the past have conducted similar experiments, setting up fake accounts on free dating websites and recording the messages they received.