Dating smith and wesson revolvers

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This sample features the casehardened hammer with a hammer-mounted firing pin and casehardened trigger that S&W sandwiched between the earlier 1980s-era chromed parts and the later 1990s MIM versions.

The smooth-faced, 0.312-inch-wide “combat” trigger weighs more than my 8-pound trigger gauge can read, but the trigger pull is very smooth considering the smaller geometry and leverage the J-Frame has to work with.

I need to know what caliber it is and approximate mfg. Front sights on models with the adjustable rear can be the traditional ramp style machined into the barrel, but newer front sights are pinned, and can be removed and replaced with aftermarket front sights. I think you're missing a letter in your serial number there. There were approximately 110,000 2nd Issues produced from 1860 through 1868, with serial numbers ranging from approximately 12,000 following the 1st Issue through to approximately 120,000.

Date on a sccy cpx-2 in 9x19mm, please review the smith wesson 586 is a six- or the first s w revolvers. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. By some estimates, fewer than 1000 were ever produced. The standard location for the serial number is above the trigger guard.

In 1981, S&W hadn’t yet switched to the current frame-mounted firing pin system begun in the late 1980s; this Model 60 uses the familiar traditional “hammer nose” firing pin and the older pinned ejector star, and it’s one of the first Model 60s to omit the pinned barrel.

In very good mechanical shape with a reasonably tight lockup and barely any detectable fore and aft cylinder movement, the internals show a very light tune-up consistent with what a police armorer would do, and the SA trigger breaks crisp and clean at an excellent 3 pounds.

It was not strong enough to handle the more powerful 38 special cartridge, and this is why it fell out of use and was replaced with the J-frame.

These small handguns are made well, fit the hand, and fire highly accurately with mild shooting cartridges. The 32 S&W long round is an esteemed target round and small game getter.

Furthermore, some internet forums are filled with helpful and knowledgeable people that would be happy to help try to interpret the serial number on your handgun.

My own use is mostly on paper targets and the occasional armadillo.

Whether you are a handgun hunter, trapper, or a Smith and Wesson aficionado like myself, the little I-frame still has plenty of use.

Initially the Model 60 was built with stainless small parts, but after finding those weren’t holding up with the stainless formulation and processes of the day, the company went to matte chrome finishes over carbon steel to maintain durability and still provide rust resistance.

Carried in pockets and ankle rigs, the little snubbie was subjected to working conditions that could (and did) frequently destroy bluing and cause notable corrosion issues in the older blued Model 36, and the idea was to extend that corrosion protection into the smaller exposed parts of the Model 60, too.

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In fact, this S&W came with such a good trigger out of the box that I saw no reason then or since to bother doing any action work on it.

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