Dating spear jackson saws

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Yes - I recall now discussion about the anvil part. but couldn't decide if that sounded like a reasonable thing or not. The only kicker was that somehow I let a D100 from the same set of lots get away from me. Cheers, Yes I know you, Chippy and others had said that - I couldn't recall if/how much of a problem it was. Tysick Genealogy ( Thanks Toby, Paul For the record - Pacman's recent S&J find. All virtually full blades and the handles have been looked after and waxed (I'm guessing) - they are beautiful. That may not be the general case, just what I've encountered.

I will likely sell one of them to my students over the weeks when I return.

In 1760, Alexander Spear and John Love formed a company in Sheffield called Spear & Love.

In 1814, John Spear, the nephew of Alexander, took on an apprentice called Sam Jackson.

I fixed up a couple of Spear and Jackson saws from the 60’s this week and finished them off today.

You can buy these on e Bay for around £25 (sometimes less) and at first glance you may discard the option to buy.

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I was assuming the same process as the broken teeth - but what you say is very interesting.

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