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Dating special forces officer

18Z - Special Forces Senior Sergeant: It takes several years within Special Forces to become the Senior Sergeant (18Z).He supervises, instructs and serves as the senior enlisted member for SF activities.An ODA is a highly trained 12-man team made up of Army Special Forces, who wear the Green Beret, that is deployed all over the world where needed immediately for a variety of combat and training missions.To achieve this MOS requires over 18-24 months of intensive training and selection programs.

It does not guarantee that the recruit will be accepted into the Special Forces program.

Once you are a member of the 19th and 20th Special Forces Groups you will continue to train and can deploy when needed as an augmentee into an active unit.

The Army Special Forces is one of the groups of Special Operators that are part of the Army Special Operations Command.

18E - Special Forces Communications Sergeant: The Communications Sergeant in the Special Forces are proficient in and the instruction of the installation, operation and employment of FM, AM, VHF, UHF, and SHF radio communication systems to transmit and receive radio messages in voice, continuous wave, and burst code radio nets.

18F - Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant: The SF Intel Sergeant employs provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, indigenous and allied personnel.

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This 19-day performance-oriented course includes physical conditioning, map reading and land navigation instruction; land-navigation practical exercises and common-task training.