Dating technology age

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In the past, older men and women might have had limited opportunities to meet others but they can find a larger pool of partners on the Internet.For those whose predilections fall outside the narrow walls of convention, the digital world provides a means to connect with like-minded others, subverting the isolation that they may feel.Indeed, a whole new vocabulary has emerged to describe the breakup strategies of the digital age.People talk about “ghosting” — when a partner abruptly stops communicating via text or online channels even though they sent 100 texts the day before.The process of mate selection has been democratized.Many singles feel empowered by dating sites to proactively seek a partner in a way they might not feel comfortable doing at a bar or café.

Arguments about infidelity have become more complex.A few decades ago, my patients would complain to me that they had difficulty meeting eligible people; I might have suggested that they take out a personal ad but most felt embarrassed to take such a step.Now the stigma has been removed and the Internet has become the village square.This strange mix of consistency and uncertainty is increasingly common to relationships in the era of Tinder. Often, it demonstrates a lack of empathy and a diminishment in relationship accountability.People can check out on each other without having to face the emotional consequences.

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Our instant-gratification digital dating culture has numbed them to this critical feeling, without which it can be difficult to sustain a longer relationship.

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