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Dating very tall men

To back this idea up, women who have more ‘traditional’ views on their role in society have been shown to be less inclined to date shorter men (Salska, et al., 2008) What else plays a part in height preference?

If the female preference for taller men is so strong, then we’d all be dating basketball players and Peter Crouch (!

Sometimes it’s because they’re tall themselves and don’t want to tower over their partner, or because they just like tall men. Women’s preferences for sexual dimorphism in height depend on menstrual cycle phase and expected duration of relationship.

According to the research this isn’t just a fluke, and nor is it that the taller the better.

) In fact, taller doesn’t mean better – other factors play a part.

For one thing, it’s been shown the woman’s own height plays a part (Fink et al., 2007), requiring the man to be at least as tall as her.

In love with a man who's the opposite of vertically changed?

Airplanes, buses, restaurants...boyfriend's super-sized legs are going to take up whatever space you have to spare. when they’re at their most fertile (Pawlowski & Jaseinska, 2005) – these women are looking to pass good genes onto their potential offspring, without considering factors needed in a mate for a long-term relationship. If you’re a shorter gentleman you might be reading this with a heavy heart. But remember that in choosing a partner based on their height, a woman’s own height, dating pool and relationship expectations come into consideration. Tall is the premier mobile site for taller than average women and those who admire them.Our site has been serving the the Tall community for over 16 years and is the flagship Tall Dating site online.

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