Dating vintage clothing rn number

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Sometimes the easiest way to date a vintage or antique dress is by its label, tag or other maker’s mark. Sometimes you can easily spot a replica or modern era dress if a synthetic fabric was used.

The Vintage Fashion Guild is a fantastic resource in general, and they have an extensive label library. If you aren’t sure about the fiber content of the fabric, read up on how to burn test fabrics and find a piece of your dress or some threads of the fabric that you can cut off to do a burn test.

My best luck is when I ditch the store and thrift the outlet.

Thrift outlets are chaos but I do seem to find one-of-a-kind vintage garments that are usually grabbed off the rack within seconds at the busiest Goodwill. Thrift outlets offer a variety of items but lack any kind of order. You must go where no other vintage lover has gone before, Goodwill Outlet.

I still probably couldn’t be much happier with the book, which may be as much a testament to being in my early years of selling men’s vintage and a bit behind in my homework.

However, if it’s the hunt you are after, it’s time to thrift.Designer Resources Mode a Paris – Great info Designers - Vintage Fashion Guild Hawaiian Resources Hawaiian Buttons This is from the book – Hawaiian Shirt Designs – Nancy N. The Hawaiian Shirt – Its Art & History – Thomas Steele Vintage Hawaiian Shirt – So many Hawaiian shirts, so Little time!Lace & Fabric Resources Marla Mallett Fashion-Era Vintage Fashion Guild - Fabric Resource Vintage Fashion Guild - Fur Resource Label Resources Vintage Fashion Guild - Label Resource Work Tags – Vintage work clothing T-shirt Tags Motorcycle/Leather Jackets Resouces Flight Jackets Levis, Lees, Wrangler Resouces Levis 501 Details Lee Details Wrangler Tags Lee Jean History – History of Lee jeans.The label section provided very specific dating strategies for every kind of label from trademarks and RN/WPL numbers to fabric care and union tags.Something as small and simple as knowing that any garment with the common registered trademark symbol of the letter ‘R’ in a circle must originate after 1946 can come in incredibly handy in the field when you’re wondering whether a Woolrich hunting jacket is from the 30s or 50s. The section on styles seems necessarily intended as an overview more than a concentrated guide to men’s styles in any particular decade.

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Obviously it isn’t possible to cover the label evolution for every menswear brand through the 1960s, but the book does touch on the big three nationwide department store and catalog businesses of Montgomery Ward, Sears, and J. As such, it works well organized by type of garment, rather than by decade as one might expect.