Dating violence and statistics

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Dating violence and statistics

Of these women, 69.5 percent reported experiencing intimate partner violence for the first time under the age of 24.Note: Intimate Partner Violence includes any form of physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of reproductive or sexual health.This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy.CDC’s research and programs work to understand the problem of intimate partner violence and prevent it before it begins.The different rates of prevalence may be a result of differences in the methodology, the definitions, and/or in the targeted population used in the studies.Some definitions of teen dating violence include incidences of all three types of relationship violence (physical, sexual, and emotional or psychological violence), while others focus on just one or two of those types of violence.The survey is also supported by the National Institute of Justice and the Department of Defense.

Figure 2 provides a similar graph for men who reported experiencing intimate partner violence in their lifetime.Our featured speakers share powerful stories of how unhealthy relationships and dating violence has affected their own lives, and will: Keith and Sara Davis Dynamic Husband and Wife Duo Tory Gant National PALS Trainer Gabe Salazar Top Latino Youth Speaker in the Nation Carlos Phillips Educator, SRAS Certified For more information on a particular speaker, or to book a program, visit our Contact Us page.Fill out the form and a Just Say YES representative will respond to you promptly!Further, youth may be afraid to disclose violence to friends and family.According to one study, only a third of teens who were in an abusive relationship ever told anyone about the abuse they experienced.

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The survey indicated that, of those men, more than half had their first experience prior to age 24.