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Dating violence wikipedia

Another response, however—the problem solving response—is to try to design court programs that explicitly take into account the special characteristics that domestic violence cases present.

If domestic violence defendants present a particular risk of future violence, then why not enhance monitoring efforts to deter such actions?

Lastly, individual factors are educational level, gender, age, and employment status.

The Center for Court Innovation is funded by the Office on Violence Against Women to provide technical assistance to courts interested in developing or enhancing their domestic violence programs.

Between January and November 2005, 76,000 cases of family violence were reported to the police; 67,913 were reported by women, 6,404 by men, and approximately 1,000 by children.

Women are clearly the most likely to become victims of domestic violence, but other members of the household are also at risk for victimization.

Exposure to violence in early childhood increases the risk for an individual to become violent in their own home.

In 2004, 44% of the Chilean population was living in poverty, and studies have shown that low socioeconomic status and stressful life events are positively correlated with domestic violence.

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The Center for Court Innovation also has a grant from the National Institute of Justice to document the number and types of domestic violence courts in the United States.

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