Dating wedding photography dating ideas in raleigh nc

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Dating wedding photography

Further more , there will be special important parts/people at the ceremony or reception that i would want you to take a picture of .I will send the list of the important parts/people to you a week before the wedding day and i want you to know that my wedding is a sleek modern wedding .I need you to get back to me with your charges and i will be paying you upfront , I just called my uncle who will be in charge of your service fees he told me that your payment will be paid to you via certified check so he has asked me to ask for your full name and physical address with zip code that you want the payment to be send to so as for me to secure your service for my wedding party.I’m currently on working on off shore and im using impaired device ,so therefore i can only send message via internet or send you an sms from my pinger ..The photos from our wedding turned out better than I could’ve imagined! We had no clue what we were doing but they told us exactly what to do, and captured the most amazing shots.Super friendly, engaging, and professional – they are amazing! We had AL Weddings photograph and Video our wedding day.

They changed their schedule to insure we got the pictures we wanted & that meant the world to us because we wanted all of the pictures outside. We quickly loved them together and felt at home because some of their besties were actually our previous couple!

Please do share this with all the clueless photographers you know — it might save them a pretty penny.

Happy couples comprise of two people dedicated to each other.

Regards, [REMOVED] If you were gullible and took the bait, here’s how the rest of the con would play out: After receiving a substantial cashiers check that mysteriously exceeds what your asking price was — a check that appears to be guaranteed by a bank (i.e.

almost as good as cash) — you deposit it and follow the clients instructions on sending the difference back to them. Microsoft researcher Corman Herley recently did a study on this type of scam, and published a fascinating paper titled “Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria? He found that one of the reasons they work so well is they’re so obviously fraudulent.

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So it will be easier if we can take the pictures before the ceremony because it will be more relaxed with fewer time constraints and would like you to set up a great “first look” shot of me looking at my bride for the first time on the wedding day.

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