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Wire-wound beads were produced by melting a solid rod of glass around a spinning mandrel.

The tube beads were divided into four classes (I-IV) based on whether or not the bead shape is rounded and whether its construction is simple, compound, complex or composite.

At Tunica IIA1 represented 5,887 specimen and IVA1 113,501.

A simple bead has only one layer of glass; a compound bead has two or more layers of glass.

A complex bead is a simple bead with surface decoration and a composite bead is a compound bead with surface decoration.

That is, bead varieties were combined into types when color was the only attribute that separated them.

This was practiced for most of the bead types below.

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For IIA1/IVA1 of the Chickasaw medium, large and very large beads perhaps 10% had a visible layer of thin clear glass.