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There are stories or story elements that are often used in Archie comics.

For example, the prom is coming up and Archie cannot decide on who his date will be or Archie accidentally invited two girls to the same date at the same time, which he usually does not realize until the last minute.

Sometimes it is portrayed as being near enough to a beach for the gang to drive there; other times there seems to be no beach, as in a story where the gang are complaining they have nowhere to go on a hot day.

Often the gang will be seen on seemingly impromptu and convenient ski holidays.

De Carlo is primarily responsible for the modern look of the Archie characters, and the creation of popular Archie spin-off characters Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats. The Archie characters have been continually successful in other mediums since the comic's inception.

In 1968, Archie was adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon series by Filmation, The Archie Show.

In a variation of the above, one character may break a date to go with another person, but runs into that person while on the date and has to hide from them. Often a cash-strapped Archie attempts to borrow or raise money for an impending date with Veronica.

Despite his best efforts, either he cannot pay for dinner or his jalopy breaks down. In some stories Moose is jealous because Reggie is talking to his girlfriend, Midge. Sometimes, Reggie has a plan that he thinks will help him get past Moose, or out of a beating (ie.

Archie states that it takes a half-hour to drive from his house to Veronica's, which greatly contradicts the numerous previous implications in other strips that Veronica's mansion is only a few miles or blocks away from Archie's house.

The geographical location of and size of Riverdale is of course always left vague, but there have been a number of inconsistencies.

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The inside of each character's house is almost always inconsistent.