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He also was the bookkeeper and distributed weekly wages to the local workers.

A meticulous excavator, Honeyman discovered the gold necklace belonging to Fari’at and the fine alabaster head that the workers referred to as Honeyman’s daughter and nicknamed “Miriam.” His discoveries at Timna allowed him to revise his understanding of Qataban tombs and burial practices.

In 1959 Van Beek joined the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History and was responsible for a major exhibition devoted to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

As a result of his work in southern Arabia and at subsequent sites, Van Beek also became a leading authority in ancient and contemporary mud architecture around the world.

A leaflet from Daybreak describing the TL technique in more detail and giving a bibliography will be provided to interested persons.A professor of Semitic languages, Albright had produced major studies on biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Ugaritic.In the 1930s he developed a system for dating ceramics by examining the sequence of excavated strata.Archaeologist and epigrapher (1907–1988) Professor of Hebrew and Oriental languages at the University of St.Andrews, Alexander Honeyman supervised the first season excavation at Timna cemetery in 1950.

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Arab speaker and secretary Only nineteen years old, Eileen Salama served as translator and expedition secretary.