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The gentle startup has three parts: 1) the person talks about their emotions (i.e., angry, hurt, embarrassed, dismissed, minimized); 2) the person talks about the situation or event that occurred (not who did it); and 3) the person asks for what they want or need to be different next time in positive terms (what they do want, rather than what they don’t want). The antidote to contempt is to respectfully state what you need. When people stonewall, they are usually so upset and overwhelmed with emotions that they cannot talk.

An example would be saying something like “I need complete honesty and transparency here,” instead of saying “You’re such a liar! However, the message to the partner is one of disgust — they often hear, “you’re not even worth wasting my words on.” If you find yourself in this state, explain to your partner that you are overwhelmed, and just can’t talk right now.

Take 20-30 minutes to calm down — doing something that soothes you, such as listening to music, going for a walk, or reading a book or magazine.

When you are soothing yourself, try not to think of what you are upset about, because this keeps you in that overwhelmed state.

But for all its prevalence in conversations about modern-day relationships, hardly anyone has investigated whether “my type” actually exists.

It can appear through name-calling, sarcasm, and making fun of the partner.

Stonewalling is the term used to describe when one partner shuts down on the other partner or refuses to talk or engage. These behaviors are a death knell to the relationship unless both partners are willing to realize that they contribute to these problems and learn to use the antidotes.

Am I wasting my time dating people who all align with my type? A: It depends on what you mean by “type.” If you are talking about a “type” of personality that is athletic, energetic, adventurous, intelligent, or outgoing, then there is nothing wrong with having a “type.” However, if the type that you gravitate toward is more of a sarcastic, aloof, or mysterious type whose behavior tends to stress you out, then you might be headed for problems.

What’s more important than type is how the person interacts with you and with others.

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