David m bliesner validating chromatographic methods

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David m bliesner validating chromatographic methods

new method was established for estimation of Topiramate by RP-HPLC method.

Thus, techniques employed in quantitative analysis are based upon: Chemical Properties: Measuring the amount of reagent necessary to complete the reaction, or ascertaining the amount of reaction product obtained. Optical Properties: The measurement of certain optical properties (e.g. In some cases, a combination of optical or electrical measurements and quantitative chemical reaction (e.g. Introduction to Chromatography: Chromatography is a technique in which the components of a mixture are separated based on the rates at which they are carried through a stationary phase by a gaseous or liquid mobile phase [1].

A component with high affinity towards the stationary phase will take longer to travel through it than a component with low affinity towards the stationary phase and high affinity towards the mobile phase.

As a result of these differences in mobilities, sample components will become separated from each other as they travel through the stationary phase [2, 3].

Ion-pair chromatography allows the separation of complex mixtures of polar and ionic molecules.

The selectivity is determined by the mobile phase supplemented with a specific ion-pairing reagent which large ionic molecules are having a charge opposite to the analyte of interest, as well as a hydrophobic region to interact with the stationary phase.

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Quantitative analysis by gravimetric or titrimetric techniques.