Dead man dating charmed part 1

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Dead man dating charmed part 1

We also have an earthquake and if you listen closely you can hear my room shake.All of this and much more so enjoy this extended episode of Brunch with the Halliwells.

We are also revealing as a collective list, your Top 10 hot man meter of Season 2. Give us a listen to find out if Shawn has been paying attention. It doesn't end here but we recap the last episode of Season 2.

I think it came from Piper and Mark's heartbreak and regret that they could have been something really special if their paths had crossed earlier.

That what-ifs of it all."Where were you my entire life Piper? I have to admit, I’ve seen a bunch of people say they love this episode, but I am not a fan of it.

One of my all time favourite Charmed episodes, I think it’s so underrated! Piper, opening up and starting to fall in love with a man she could never be with was just so sad. And Mark as a character was truly an innocent, it was so sad that he died young and then to realise his mother is now completely alone, then at the end when he’s reunited with his dad ... Phoebe’s little sub plot was funny and nicely done too, I liked the Prue/Phoebe moments in this episode I liked it, but what I didn't understand was how emotional Piper got over Mark finally passing.

It's not like they knew each other that well or that they 'dated' - they shared a nice moment together and that was it.

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