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Deanna looked at me, "You're not leaving soon are you?" I smiled, "Nope, I'm here until all evil is rid from our world." She looked at me funny as if I was insane.I wondered if he even managed to get a little bit of that hot little number.And however long she made him wait for it Ill bet it was worth it. I turned around to head into the kitchen and whom should I run directly into? Only if the day needs saving" I hoped it didn't sound too corny as I knelt on one knee and kissed her gloved hand.

Jim, or should I say Grim Jim Reaper, introduced me as his 'location' assistant from the boonies.

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He told me I would love the guest list and I should dress up for the occasion.

From there I could get a good perspective on the whole scene.

Jim's house was quite large and people milled from one room to the next, though the main gist of partiers was here in the den. She seemed quite cozy next to her Freddy Kruegar boyfriend.

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I had a knack of being in the right place at the right time for such things.