Deciphering mixed dating signals chris crellin dating dark

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Deciphering mixed dating signals

Your partner could also enjoy your company and find you interesting, but for some reason not want to commit.Again, this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.Or maybe your partner says she wants space, but continues to text you daily to make small talk.Although mixed signals come in different forms, they all come down to the same issue — someone telling you one thing and treating you the complete opposite.Read further to see what his or her mixed signals could mean and how none of the reasons have to do with you.Whether your partner’s excuse for his or her sporadic behavior is because of work or because of a trip, the truth is that someone who is truly invested in getting to know you will make time to.Inconsistent behavior could be due to an inability to decide on how they feel — this isn’t your fault, as that indecisiveness stems from within your partner and most likely the fear that comes with the word “commitment.” In order to figure things out, your significant other may resort to putting space between themselves and what confuses them (in this case — the relationship).

Communication is key in any relationship (whether it’s an exclusive one or not), so before you strike up any form of conversation about this, reassess what you’re looking for in a relationship and consider where the relationship is between you two currently. Your partner is making plans to see you when HE wants to, she is texting you to be nice when SHE wants to, or he or she is treating you this way because HE OR SHE wants to. It doesn’t matter who you are or how wonderful your personality is; your partner will base his or her actions and feelings on what is convenient for him or her.

if you want to know how to understand men's mixed signals... As hard as it might be to believe, some people will do a lot just for some attention.

Yes, the very reason that he might be giving you mixed signals is all because he wants attention.

Before you know it, the toxic thoughts began to consume you (but none of them are true).

The way your partner is treating you has no correlation to who you are as a person and how great you are as a significant other.

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