Derek rake online dating

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Derek rake online dating

- How to isolate a woman emotionally - Using "Hearsay" to covertly plant ideas in her mind - A powerful hypnotic patter called The Black Rose Sequence - 4-step Black Rose Sequence to dominate a woman and make her yours - How Enslavement techniques can give you the ability to captivate a woman - Why you should introduce "disasters" in the relationship to make it stronger - How to get a woman to overly depend on you (at least psychologically) to survive - "Inoculation" and protecting your woman from being mind-hacked by other guys - Installing "virtual walls", making it impossible for her to leave you for another man - Access to videos, audios, and study guides (digital, downloadable format) - Free program upgrades for the next three (3) years Bonus items include: - MKDELTA Mastermind - Derek Rake Insider Labs - On-on-One coaching and support OK, so here's my take - The Good: practical tips from start till finish on how to deal with a woman in order to make her quit her drama and mind games.Uses a lot of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (although he doesn't call it that) - surprisingly jargon free material although things can get technical at times.Another good thing is that you can readily use them OUTSIDE your dating life and reap the benefits too.It's really not just a dating course, it's a persuasion and influence course.Shogun Method is legit, although it takes some work to make it, well, work.Beats many other programs on the same premise (Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis) which I'd rather not name.I won't compare him to Cialdini, but his concepts work rather well also in a generic setting (not just dating).

If you only want a good night out with lots of phone numbers in your pocket by the end of the day, then this may not be for you.There's absolutely no correlation between distinctivity and quality!Still, there's a very specific need for this kind of product, and it's very niche-y indeed.I like it, but understand that it just doesn't fit a lot of people.One remarkable thing about Shogun Method is that it's different from other pickup artist or seduction products, but bear in mind that different doesn't mean that it's good.

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