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When Hannah reads her glowing endorsement, Vicki breaks down in tears.

She admits nobody has ever been nice to her like that, and wants to stay on after her community service is up.

We also see a rare moment of frustration from our pal.

Maybe that leads into something else down the road?

Heartbreakingly Honest Moment #1: Lizzy, one the home’s residents, wanders in front of the camera as Derek is talking.

As she stares blankly into the lens, Derek tells her to move on, but the camera follows her as she sits down.

Through all the latest trends (long sideburns, platform shoes and dungarees), none of the Hollywood heartthrobs have ever rocked his signature look. Hannah, who finds the good in everybody, explains to the camera that Vicki isn’t a bad kid.

Hilarious Doug Moment: In the confessional, Doug despairs over the fact his hairstyle has never gone into fashion.

Derek (Ricky Gervais) wants to pick everything (including his presents), to which Kev (David Earl) suggests a proper “cherry-popping” as a potential gift. But he’s younger in here, you see.” (He points to his head.) “No stress.” As Derek goes through his music and menu requests (Susan Boyle, Robbie Williams, chicken kiev, sausage rolls), Kev proves his worth by taking a dump in his pants.

Douglas (Karl Pilkington) sighs and laments on his station in life: The Enlightening Confessional Moment: Douglas says, “He’s 10 years older than me. The group leaves in horror, but Kev seems rather pleased with himself, doing a sickening duck walk back to his flat. After the bathroom break, we meet Vicki (Holly Dempsey), a young teenager starting her court-ordered community service by working at the center.

Hannah won’t have that, and gives her another dose of tough reality.

Hannah reminds her that she’s been in a similar position, and there’s lots to learn outside of school.

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He just likes annoying Kev by pretending to be oblivious. Vicki is disgusted with everything around her, even asking Doug why he has hair like a pedophile (prompting a smart-ass answer) and balks at the idea of making beds without gloves.

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