Dhcp not updating dns on domain controller Fat live sexy chat

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Here is what's going on: We acquired a company a few months ago and I have transferred their registered domain it to our registrar and updated the nameservers with my external DNS provider. Connect to an internal server and see what IP it returns for the domain in question.

I setup the external DNS before updating the nameservers. Then connect to the forwarding DNS server and see what it returns - this should be the same as you've experienced outside.

Find these lines: Replace PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE with the key you extracted from the private key created by the dnssec command Restart both servers to apply the configuration changes.

You should find lines similar to these, in the system logs on both machines: If OMAPI is working properly you can test failover by stopping the primary server.

If you are using a firewall, you will need to open TCP ports 6 Once you are sure everything is working as expected, restart both servers to ensure everything is running correctly.

The 'split' value '128' on the 'primary', divides responsibility for the clients between the two failover partners.

The most likely reason internal clients would get different results than external clients in a split dns config is because the internal zone has different records or a long TTL, which you would have fixed when you updated the cache and resynched the servers manually.

Anyhow, my days of DNS troubleshooting are starting to fade, so its always good to think through it again. FQDN nson external name servers and internal name servers.

However, assuming the DC is not hosting any other roles, changing the IP address shouldn’t pose any serious difficulties. The box is checked for "Use root hints if no forwarders are available". Forwarders are set to Open DNS (resolver 1 & resolver 2).I do not have the acquired company DNS in my AD-integrated zone.I host two zones:company.comcompany.local As you correctly identified I am utilizing a split-DNS configuration. if = the domain you're forwarding, this would become the authorative DNS server for your internal clients./registerdns would apply.

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