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Different types dating violence

Throughout this Web site, victims are often referred to as females and abusers as male.

That reference does not change the fact that every survivor -- male or female -- deserves support, options, resources and safety.

Examples include instilling fear in an intimate partner through threatening behavior, such as damaging property or abusing pets, constant supervision, or controlling what the victim does and who they talk to.

Spiritual abuse may be included as a type of psychological abuse.

Batterers use a wide range of coercive and abusive behaviors against their victims.

is often characterized as intimidation, threats of harm, and isolation.

It involves the misuse of spiritual or religious beliefs to manipulate or exert power and control over an intimate partner (i.e., using scripture to justify abuse or rearing the children in a faith or religious practice the partner has not agreed to).

involves making or attempting to make the victim financially dependent on the abuser.

involves the use of physical force against another.

Examples include hitting, shoving, grabbing, biting, restraining, shaking, choking, burning, forcing drug/alcohol use, and assault with a weapon, etc.

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If the victim spends time with other friends, the abuser may appear to be sad or disappointed.

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