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Small press zines then became very popular among do-it-yourself punk and indie rock communities.

Fans would make very crude self-produced magazines about their favorite bands, genres of music, etc., and then trade them by mailing with other people who had heard about them by word of mouth.

They'd include their phone numbers with the ads, and would basically be inviting anyone had purchased that day's newspaper to phone them.

That included creeps, and teenagers who thought it was a blast to crank call people who they saw as being so impossibly lonely and sad, that they were begging everyone with a newspaper subscription to date them.

You'd then be added to the band's fan club list, and you'd get fairly infrequent updates in the mail.

Never too many, because they wanted a little bit of that to go towards buying a new car.

You want to get to the hookup forum directory, right? These directories have been researched by our team, checked out, and reviewed in every case.

Just 4 years later, as the internet became more popular, and dating forums became more common and easily accessible, those ad revenues plummeted. The internet was the new king of the classified ad, and online dating was about to explode.

In the late 1970's a new dating service called Great Expectations was founded, which in order to find a match, you would go into a Great Expectations office and record a video message where you introduced yourself, shared some personal details, and told the camera what you were looking for in a potential partner.

Sites like J-date are incredibly popular, but also because the information that companies have based on research, they're able to adjust the prices they charge based on what group of people they're servicing.

You can charge more money for a dating site for yuppies, because they have a lot of disposable income.

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