Do science books say anything about carbon14 dating or not

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Do science books say anything about carbon14 dating or not

His team was able to nail down the time when the Voynich manuscript was made.Currently owned by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University, the manuscript was discovered in the Villa Mondragone near Rome in 1912 by antique book dealer Wilfrid Voynich while sifting through a chest of books offered for sale by the Society of Jesus.Stainless steel pipes, alternating with heavy-bodied vacuum chambers, run along the walls.This is the heart of the NSF-Arizona AMS Laboratory: an accelerator mass spectrometer capable of sniffing out traces of carbon-14 atoms that are present in samples, giving scientists clues about the age of those samples."This causes the atoms in the sample to be ionized," he explained, "meaning they now have an electric charge and can be propelled by electric and magnetic fields." Ejected from the ion source, the carbon ions are formed into a beam that races through the instrument at a fraction of the speed of light.Focusing the beam with magnetic lenses and filters, the mass spectrometer then splits it up into several beams, each containing only one isotope species of a certain mass.

Plants produce their tissues by taking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and so accumulate carbon-14 during life.What is true of plants and animals is also true of products made from them.Because the parchment pages of the Voynich Manuscript were made from animal skin, they can be radiocarbon-dated.Pointing to the front end of the mass spectrometer, Hodgins explains the principle behind it.A tiny sample of carbon extracted from the manuscript is introduced into the "ion source" of the mass spectrometer.

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From that, we calculate its age." Dissecting a century-old book To obtain the sample from the manuscript, Hodgins traveled to Yale University, where conservators had previously identified pages that had not been rebound or repaired and were the best to sample.

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