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A., and many remain friends with former coaches and teammates and so may be privy to pertinent facts unavailable to the public -- a player's injury for example.

In saying that, I don't think a hospital is the most ideal environment to crack onto someone.

For health workers with minimal patient contact (wardies and such) it's permissible.

For all registered practitioners the therapeutic relationship must be long gone. I would prefer to meet in a hospital than in a crowded club where everyone is getting drunk and sick but there's no one there to look after them!

Hey guys, I know that a lot of people say that's it's wrong for doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers higher up in the food chain to date their patients (or one of their friends or relatives) outside of work but do you think the same thing would apply for ward clerks/ordelies/ward based cleaners etc.?

What is the professional environment like in Australia? I come from the Philippines where things are very different.

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Got chatting with a young nurse and we fancied each other and had a casual relationship for the next couple months. As one of the 'grunts' of the hospital system, I don't see too much of an issue dating a patient.

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