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Dynamic dating diagram

Unfortunately, too many networks are still documented with outdated techniques.

Back to the top Dynamic network diagram technology was designed to overcome the challenges of previous diagramming software. Because they are data-driven from the live network, they are always up-to-date.

The Date Table Date variable will store the value selected from the Slicer.

The MIN function is used to guarantee a single date value.

In my version of Power BI Desktop I have set the slicer to be a List and formatted the [Month] column from the Date Table using the Format option in the Modeling table to set the field to be (MMMM yyyy).

The challenge is if the “Month” slicer uses a field from the data table used to generate values for the visuals it will restrict the rows from the data table available to generate the axis, that no amount of fiddling with row or filter context can over-ride.

The same is true when using a field for the slicer from a related table.

If the user selects January 2017 from the slicer, it will be this value that gets stored in this variable.

The Date Add Alternative variable uses the EDATE function to perform a DATEADD like jump back in months using the Months To Look Back variable to determine the range.

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A recent post on a community.forum asked if it was possible to show a slicer of months, and configure a report so when a user selects a single month from the slicer, visuals will show data for a date range relative to that selection e.g. If a user selects March 2017, visuals will display a date range between May 2016 and March 2017.

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