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In Egyptology the method was first used by Petrie for dating the Naqada period, from the development of the so-called wavy-handled pottery.- At least some objects belonging to such a typology should be datable by other criteria to fix a typology into a chronological framework. An object category or motif might develop not regularly but in staccato 'jumps'.An introduction to the New Chronology of David Rohl may be found at the Wikipedia link above.

ISIS was the only scholarly organisation specifically established to study the chronology of ancient times.

Feb 07 'Lords of Avaris' published:'The origin of the Western World as revealed by the NC.' Dec 06 2000 visits this month. With a radical new proposal for the integration of Assyrian, Hittite and Egyptian history this is a major development in the New Chronology.

Back paper copies of JACF vols 3 - 10 are still available.

The main surviving kinglists from ancient Egypt beside the 'Palermo Stone' are hieroglyphic inscriptions of Thutmose III (Karnak, probably a list of statues displaced in temple construction), Sety I and Ramses II (both at Abydos), and a fragmentary hieratic manuscript from Thebes (Turin Canon).

Kinglists in Greek, apparently compiled by a third century BC Egyptian priest named Manetho, are preserved in summaries by early Christian writers, with excerpts in other writers of the Roman Period and later, notably the Jewish historian Josephus.

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In particular, in recent years the Journal has provided a forum for debate about the radical 'New Chronology' revision of Egyptian and related history.