Error validating user via ntlm

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Error validating user via ntlm

LOCAL -k 4 -e AES256-CTS bc1b21c47f6ae9c16afe8f033ed2a9236af1b4c5031761a091d635304300e6bc add_entry -key -p HTTP/[email protected]

LOCAL -k 4 -e AES128-CTS b181ffe3bf83f076e29c106028f01226 wkt /root/ q 6.

In order to get the groups we must add a rule after the "Authenticate with Kerberos" rule.

If the authentication is successful, then we use the property of "Authentication.

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Install the Microsoft package for support tools which includes On the user account you will want to enable the options for support of AES128 or AES256 for Kerberos Authentication: Once the user is created, we need to generate a keytab based on that user.

After the criteria has been changed to use a Kerberos method, as a best practice you should update the rule names to make them representative to their purpose (performing authentication using Kerberos).

This reduces the need to add other SPNs to the keytab. Install , in order to add SPNs to the keytab generated above (in my example the .keytab is in the /root folder).

LOCAL -k 4 -e DES-CBC-MD5 68014fec5e2a911c add_entry -key -p HTTP/[email protected]

LOCAL -k 4 -e RC4-HMAC 64f12cddaa88057e06a81b54e73b949b add_entry -key -p HTTP/[email protected]

This document was written to assist with setting up Web Gateway to perform Kerberos for Proxy Authentication.

It also provides background information on the different processes involved with Kerberos, the information in this document should shed light on all of the complexities involved with the protocol.

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This document is the extended Kerberos guide which includes full background and context.