Errors encountered validating document

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Errors encountered validating document

If schema validation fails, profile validation will not be run.

The output should be fairly straightforward if you have a successful validation: [-] Processing 1 files [-] Validating STIX document examples/ex02against XML schema...

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Profile validation requires that the profile is authored such that the automated capabilities are fully supported.

[-] Validating STIX document examples/ex02against profile examples/Example_..

[ ] XML schema validation results: examples/ex02: VALID [ ] Profile validation results: examples/ex02: VALID This indicates that the document is valid against both the schemas and the profile.

If not provided, the default list of rules defined by the Graph QL specification will be used.

Each validation rules is a function which returns a visitor (see the language/visitor API).

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Profile validation should not be considered the last word in the conformance of a STIX document to the profile, however.