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He invited me because he thought I’d enjoy the musical acts he’d hired, which he had kept secret from all of his guests as a present to them.

And it was so much better that way, to have Erykah swoop into my life unexpectedly, to stand 5 feet away while she led a three-piece band (that later grew to include Q-Tip as well), playing to a small crowd like she was onstage at The Bomb Factory in front of thousands.

If you go looking for Erykah Badu, you will likely never find her, even though it seems like she’s always around.

It’s like catching a butterfly: you have to wait for it to come to you. Maybe you should simply be happy it’s there at all, marvel at how it brightens up the day and the energy it brings with it, enjoy being in its presence. Maybe it’s best to let Erykah flit in and out of your life.

It gives her a timelessness, usually for better but occasionally worse.

She can be two steps ahead of everyone: she was saying “stay woke” back on “Master Teacher”—a song from 2008’s New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)—years before it was a Twitter hashtag.

Music was eventually part of it—Dead Prez featured on “The Grind,” from 2003’s Worldwide Underground—but that was never the point.

But she can also be stuck in the past, like when she tweeted in April that high school girls should wear knee-length skirts so male teachers aren’t distracted. She stalls, reschedules, shows up when she shows up, puts it off until it can’t be put off anymore. On Mama’s Gun, Poyser found out what “somehow” sometimes meant.

On a practical level, going at her own pace means you have to wait. “It was very intense, because Erykah has a lot of ideas,” he says.

Maybe you were at the Bad Boy Family Reunion show at the American Airlines Center, when she showed up unannounced and took over the stage near the end.

Or maybe you happened to be at Dealey Plaza the day she filmed her video for “Window Seat,” slowly disrobing until she stood where JFK had been shot, naked, in and out in one take, here and gone so quickly you could hardly believe what you’d just seen. Shouldn’t you want to be on the rooftop patio of a local restaurant for a 40th birthday party, and then suddenly Erykah Badu is there? The party was for a guy I barely know, a man of means who also brought in A Tribe Called Quest’s charismatic leader, Q-Tip, for a DJ set that night.

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When Afya went into labor, Erykah was flying home to Dallas after finishing up a tour.

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