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European trade beads history and dating

By the 1800s, Venice alone was shipping more than six million pounds of glass beads to North America each year. By the early 1700s, France, Germany and regions of Bohemia in Eastern Europe had developed glass industries that were shipping additional beads to America.Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper regularly chronicled glass bead commerce in and around the port of Philadelphia, the colonies' largest city.Tiny 'seed' beads were one of the earliest glass products ever made and have been used to make purses since the middle ages.The long history of beaded bags is an important thread in the larger story of the Western World's glass and fashion industries.None of these materials could compare to the sensual, jewel-like qualities of glass beads struck by sunlight.'Diamonds' of Indian culture In his history of the Lenape, Herbert C.Here, greatly magnified, is a typical selection of modern glass beads from the Jubili Beads & Yarn shop in Collingswood, N. The red tubes in the lower right are hardly thicker than a piece of sewing thread.Click for The earliest sea- and land-bound European explorers found the lustrous Italian glass beads to be highly prized by the native cultures they encountered across those new frontiers.

By the turn of the century, both Indian and European bead motifs had borrowed heavily from each other.He wrote the tiny glass beads "were sewn to clothing, moccasins, and pouches in predominantly floral (Eastern Woodland) patterns.They were strung on sinew and wrapped around the handles of war clubs and on objects of ceremonial use...Today that city's By the 1800s, more than six million pounds of Venetian glass beads were imported into the U. each year, and by then Italy was only one of several countries manufacturing the product. Click for Merseyside Maritime Museum chronicles that era and documents glass beads as a common element of the barter goods used by European traders to purchase lots of captured humans in countries like Gambia, Ghana, Senegal and the Ivory Coast.The same beads were also valued highly enough to make them a war booty for privateers licensed by the Continental Government to attack British merchant ships during the Revolutionary War.

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