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The family, his 6 children had not been officially invited so this was the first clue in Hedi’s/the families relationship to the state. Belhassine: Then I realised that many of his contemporaries were getting older so if I was going to shoot interviews with them I had better do it soon.We shot the second shoot, the bulk of the interview footage at the end of 2009.At this stage it was still along the lines of a traditional bio-doc.My co-producer encouraged me to shoot footage with me in them, and conversations around the project were becoming more related to me and how interesting my discovery was.

I can still hear his voice, remember his smell and his soft energy, how gentle he was with me and loving despite not being around much…

So how is that possible, you may be thinking right about now?

Well, I won't give the details of Belhassine's spellbinding and utterly pleasant to watch documentary away, but I will tell you that the filmmaker takes us on a personal journey with her, accompanied by Jouini's music and her own soothing narrative.

After its Tunisian festival premiere, 'The Man Behind the Microphone' is scheduled to be released in Tunisian cinemas in late September, where Jouini's cult status will guarantee a successful run.

I wanted to catch up with the lovely Belhassine and since we've enjoyed a social media friendship for the past few years, I reached out by email to ask her a few questions.

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I thought I could turn this around in about 6 months -- 10 years later the film was ready!