Excel vba stop screen updating

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Excel vba stop screen updating

Your results will vary depending on your computer's specifications and a range of other factors but you should certainly see an improvement in performance when screen updates are turned off.

When VBA changes a record, then it should be smooth and seamless. Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. So, the user might click on the several records (on this field) to change the value as desired. That flicker to me is like a bug landing on your nose when you are required to not move a muscle.

Then, the user would instantiate a report of any record where the record's tag field has been set.

I would like the experts on here to consider both threads.

The Screen Updating property resets at the end of a procedure.

This means that if you run a different subroutine after the one above and you haven't added the line of code to disable screen updates to it, you'll be able to see the screen updating in the background.

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Thank you The code you have there should eliminate the flicker... I hate using "Null" as a selection/option Lets see if another expert has more insight into this... So if I wanted to lock the screen from a button click on a Form, I'd do this: Lock Window Update Me. It is awesome to be getting the caliber of help that is available here. That may be taken care for by controlling Painting: Private Sub Flip Tag() Dim rst As DAO.

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