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Anyway, I’m not going to entirely defend the “doing shots with cousins” thing, because it’s easy to spin this as rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate of you as his girlfriend. If he’s thoughtful, generous, attentive, and chivalrous 99% of the time, but checks out at his once-a-year family reunion, is this worth breaking up your entire relationship?Once again, I’m not suggesting that it’s ideal, nor am I encouraging him to ditch you. You have been a life-saver many times in my love life or lack of – I love your insight. Anyway, last weekend, I met his whole family at a party at their ranch. We truly try to communicate and solve them as opposed to arguing them out.Everyone has heard about first dates that go nowhere.You go out for a cup of coffee and never hear from the person again.I’m only telling you something you already know: his family dynamic has existed for WAY longer than your relationship.

There’s a little time in between when his eyes are fixated on many things and then only onto the girl of his dreams.

Am I sometimes frustrated that I can only get cheese and crackers, beer, and recaps of that week’s Saturday Night Live episode? If you’re secure and you have a personality, you should largely be able to fend for yourself at a family function. I can very well say that the guy I’m with would just have to hold his own in a get-together with my non-English speaking Chinese family but that wouldn’t be very nice, would it?

If you’re insecure, you’ll get upset if he talks to his family 50% of the time instead of spending 100% of it holding your hand.

Not every relationship will become exclusive, and it’s natural for some to fizzle out.

Dating exclusively means that the two of you aren’t seeing anyone else. It’s sometimes natural for a guy to keep an eye out for available females that he might be interested in.

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