Expat speed dating singapore

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Expat speed dating singapore

This is because many people who have not paid in advance do not show up.

In consideration for the other participants we try to get the male/female amount balanced.

Event feedback has been good with over 85% of "Excellent” and “Good” service ratings.

It will allow us to determine if there is a potential interest in this speed dating category.

We will only conduct the speed dating events if we see big enough interest from both sides (men and women).

Usually people wonder after 3 dates what they were so nervous about!

Because of the pleasant location, the good atmosphere and the knowledge that everyone is there for the same reason the speed dating events are considered as a good night out where you meet lots of new friends. If not enough people signed in for the speed dating events we will move the event to another date, so more people can sign in.

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The speed dating event can end sooner, but we recommend to always reserve about 2 hours.

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